Why Enroll in Estelle Medical Academy’s Evening Program

Jumpstart your career in massage therapy with Estelle Medical Academy’s Evening Program.

Estelle Medical Academy’s Evening program is here to help aspiring massage therapists jumpstart their careers. Massage therapy careers are incredibly rewarding for those who pursue them. This always goes beyond fiscal reward, too. Massage therapists have a deep understanding of their clients’ wellbeing, ultimately cultivating a relationship with each one as they help contribute to their health. Our Evening Program gives you an array of opportunities — the following only scratch the surface.

Supports Busy Schedules 

We understand you have a busy schedule. However, your busy schedule shouldn’t negate your academic and career successes. You shouldn’t need to put your goals on hold to accommodate your busy schedule. Our evening classes are held Monday-Thursday from 6 pm to 10 pm because we understand that you have a ton of different priorities to tend to while you focus on your success.

Flexibility And Growth Potential 

Massage therapy is not a career that will leave you feeling stagnated. Quite the contrary; massage therapy is an excellent place for those who enjoy work environments that allow for flexibility and growth. Again, we understand that you have a busy schedule. Your busy schedule will not need to negate your success in massage therapy.

High-Quality Education 

Thankfully, you won’t need to sacrifice quantity for quality. At Estelle Medical Academy, our instructors are all equipped with world-class training and skills to transfer to you. You will be learning from the best of the best, and you will be carrying their expertise with you throughout your career. Don’t be deceived by the accelerated nature of this program!

Career In A Year
Our evening program lasts 8 months. This means that you’ll begin your career in less than a year. This auspicious opportunity allows you to think of the future while you focus on the present moment. As mentioned, massage therapy is a wonderful career to partake in if you’re interested in growth and development. Beginning from this stage will help you make huge gains early on.

At Estelle Medical Academy, we are committed to helping you achieve your career and academic goals. Our Evening Program is geared towards aspiring masseuses who lead busy lives. You shouldn’t need to sacrifice one goal in order to achieve another, or falsely assume that your schedule cannot possibly allow you to achieve your goals. The enrollment process at Estelle Medical Academy is really simple!