Success Stories

Success Stories

What our graduates are saying about their experience at Estelle:


Katherine C., 2013 Graduate
Owner of Beautiful Esthetics, Gurnee, IL


Lisa Murphy, 2011 Graduate
Employed with Dr. Paul Dillon, Vernon Hills, IL


Jackie Piocos, 2014 Graduate
Employed at Asha Salon & Spa


Glenora Frayna, 2011 Graduate
Owner of Glenora Facial & Body Care, Randhurst, IL


Stephanie Free, 2014 Graduate
Spa Owner, Chicago

Pinky Baccay, 2013 Graduate
Esthetician, Chicago


Shimi, 2012 Graduate
Esthetician, Chicago


Kseniya Augustyn, 2012 Graduate
Owner of Viktoria Skincare, Chicago


Chanara Free, 2011 Graduate
Owner of Signature Free Waxing, Chicago


Mary Abigail Vergara, 2013 Graduate
Employed at Professional Medical Spa, Chicago


Tracey Naughton, 2009 Graduate
Esthetician, Chicago

Nassima, 2011 Graduate
Esthetician, Chicago

“Hi my name is Jennifer Klein, I am a graduate of the Skin Care and Spa Institute. I recently opened a Medical Spa in Riverwooods IL with my husband Dr. Tom Klein. Skin care has always been a passion of mine and teaching clients how to care for their skin is a very rewarding career. I owe my knowledge of skin care and client relations to Skin Care and Spa Institute, the teachers are extremely helpful and explain how what you learn in the classroom translates into real work situations. It is all about the clients comfort and trust, we at NU Age Med Spa make sure the clients understand all the treatments they are receiving and why it will benefit them in the long run. Thank you Skin Care and Spa Institute for guiding me into this rewarding industry. Come in and visit our spa to see what a Skin Care and Spa Institute education has done for me and my staff.”
Jannifer Klein

“I was in the process of training to become a registered nurse. While studying nursing I was fascinated by skin and skin care procedures. This passion has encouraged me to look into becoming a medical Esthecian as well. I began my research and saw a number of schools. In comparison to many other schools I visited, Skin Care and Spa Institute in Skokie was the school that offered most comprehensive and advanced medical esthetics training. With classes in microderabrasion, chemical peels, lymphatic drainage, and equipment and procedures performed by medical estheticians in medical spas, I have received full preparation to work in the medical esthetics area. While attending Skin Care and Spa Institute I passed my nursing exam and am now a registered nurse and a medical Esthetician. I very much enjoy working with doctors and helping patients feel and look better and have all the skills to do so. Attending Skin Care and Spa Institute to become a medical esthetician while studying nursing has been the best career move I have made.”
Victoria Beloff

“I was a doctor in Mongolia specializing in internal medicine. When I came to the U.S. my dream was to find a profession that is closely related to my medical training in my country. I did research to find the best to train me in medical esthetics and the answer was: Skin Care and Spa Institute. I have now graduated from Skin Care and Spa Institute having learned skin structure and analysis, skin structure, machinery used in Esthetics and Medical Esthetics, and all proper procedures to take care of the skin. The school even provided business classes where we learned how to open our own business. I am now very often asked for my advice on skin care and have even been featured in a book. My next goal is to use the vast knowledge I received from Skin Care and Spa Institute to open my own medical spa. Thank you so much for everything.”
Angie D.

“After a very successful career in the performing arts, I was yearning for a change in my life. I knew it was time to embark on a new career. Being a male, I took a chance on the very fast growing industry of esthetics. There were many schools to choose from, but after much deliberation, I chose the Skin Care and Spa Institute. What attracted me to the school were the beautiful facilities, the convenient location and schedule, but what makes this school a gem is the mentoring and the top notch education! The teachers are so knowledgeable and so willing to share information, including real life situations not so readily available from text books. The school really cared about my success and mentored me every step of the way, including treatment room practices, developing business skills, and even job search assistance. I even landed an externship/internship at a very successful spa halfway through my course. My internship was so impressed with my skill set and knowledge they offered me a job before graduation! I’ve been very happy with my decision to go to the Skin Care and Spa Institute and I would highly suggest the Skin Care and Spa Institute to anyone who is serious about embarking on a career in esthetics. Tell them Eddy sent you!”

“I chose Skin Care and Spa Institute after doing extensive research. Skin Care and Spa Institute fit ALL I was looking for in a school, the high level of education, the extensive knowledge and skills thought to the students, the great concentration in many areas of skin care that other schools just didn’t have. Once I began my education at Skin Care and Spa Institute even helped me change my overall way of thinking. I never knew how far branching the career in esthetics could be and how far it could take me, before I entered Skin Care and Spa Institute. The school taught me that there are no limitations.
Attending Skin Care and Spa Institute helped me chose my career path. I have chosen to focus on skin care for men. This is an undeveloped area so untouched by many. Some men had general reservations about skin care. I want to break this way of thinking. I can show men that they too can and should have great skin and guide them.
There is nothing more powerful than the first impression. As a Skin Care and Spa Institute trained professional, I can now change the way my clients feel and think about their skin. I can educate them about their skin to make them look and feel their best. I’m prepared to open my own business in skin care for men under “King for Men.”

“I am a successful business owner and a proud graduate of the Skin Care and Spa Institute. My education at Skin Care and Spa Institute allowed me to learn the latest techniques in skin care to lead my business. The instructors were wonderful and helped me every step of the way. My English was not perfect when I started at Skin Care and Spa Institute but has improved dramatically. I passed my licensure exam right away and with a very high score. I am constantly requested by clients and am very proud of my accomplishments with the education from Skin Care and Spa Institute.”
Oksana. New Style Salon (Ukrainian Village) 2135 W. Chicago Ave Chicago IL 60622

“My name is Mareia. I recently graduated of Skin Care and Spa Institute in Skokie. I started Skin Care and Spa Institute with a goal of opening my own medical spa. While at Skin Care and Spa Institute, I learned all the skills needed to open my own successful medical spa. I learned skills such as microdrmabaion, chemical peels, different ways to correct skin irregularities, micro-current face lift, ultra sound techniques for skin as well as infusion and much more. I have now opened my own medical spa called Transformation Body Mind and Soul located at 7900 N. Milwaukee Ave Niles IL 60714 and in the process of opening a second location. I perform all the techniques I have learned at Skin Care and Spa Institute as well as many other skin rejuvenation and correction techniques in my spa with great results! “

“Becoming an Esthetician is one the greatest investments I’ve ever made. Not only did Skin Care and Spa Institute educate me but they also provided amazing teachers with years of experience. It’s true what they say ” Teach a man how to fish and the man will know how to fish for life.” Because of the knowledge I received, I can know educate my clients on how to properly take care of their skin. I know I made the right decision by choosing Skin Care and Spa Institute. I currently work at Conexion Salon and Spa and Divi International as a licensed Esthetician. It seems like just yesterday I was a student here, only four years ago. Boy, time flies when you’re having fun!”
Angie T.

“I recently attended Skin Care and Spa Institute, Inc. and I had a blast attending. They knew my wants and most importantly my needs. I had a lot of personal problems in my life and they helped me trough it. I got the hands on experience that I needed to work in spas and medical spas while I was attending. I felt right at home, I could really be myself. The teachers are really great, I learned so much. I didn’t have any confidence or self esteem when I started school, but by the time I was finished with the program at Skin Care and Spa Institute, I had all the self esteem and confidence in the world, ready to start working.”
Nassima W

“My friend and I graduated from the Skin Care & Spa Institute (SCSI), we opened our own spa, Visage De Beaute, that offers all the advanced clinical services: specialized facials, such as oxygenated, line reduction, acne treatments, peels, microdermabrasion, etc. We are very successful thanks to the SCSI. If you would like to visit us and have your own experience on what we offer, please visit us.”
Our address is:
853 Sanders Rd
Northbrook, IL 60062.
Angie K.

“I decided to go to school to switch careers. The school had great teachers. I felt very comfortable as a student at the school. Before I started skin care and spa institute I didn’t think I would be able to work and go to school at the same time. But, skin care and spa institute has so many schedule choices and offered a schedule that was great for someone who works and goes to school. Also, English is not my native language, but thanks to the school’s great care and their state board exam preparation I passed my state board exam with a very high score. Great teachers great learning experience. I’m ready to go work.”
Zofia S

“I learned so much at this school, the education was very beneficial. Such great teachers, so knowledgeable, such great staff. The teachers and staff here really care about your education.”
Verginia M

“Attending Skin Care and Spa Institute was a wonderful experience. The school has a very professional staff. I was impressed with the facility and the way curriculum is structured. Everyone is constantly helping and very supportive while the students are in school and after graduation too.”
Yelena K

“I love the school. I will refer and recommend the school to the people who want to become estheticians. Because of the school, I was able to open my own Medical Spa right after I graduated. The knowledge I was able to acquire in school helped me in choosing the services I am offering in my Spa.”
Razan, proud medical spa owner

“The school was awesome; I had a great time and felt very prepared for the state board exam and my job as an esthetician. I recommend this school to everyone.”

“I graduate from skin care and spa institute 4 years ago and now have just opened my own spa. Excellent preparation to work in esthetics, love skin care and spa institute, and recommend this school to all. They helped prepare to open my own business.”

“I really liked the school; the teachers were great they helped me so much. I am now working as an esthetician, when I started working I felt very well prepared for my job by the school. Also, the school is so flexible with scheduling, you can’t find this anywhere.”

“I am a graduate of SCSI, and I learned advanced techniques using natural and organic ingredients , and how it affects the skins function using these ingredients. Now I own “Mariola’s Organic Spa and Retreat – Positively Green”. If you are interested in my spa and the services that I offer, please visit me at my web site I also will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding skin care and products.”
Mariola R

“I just did my continue education classes at Skin Care and Spa Institute. I love this school! I’ve been licensed for 14 years and wish I had known they were here. Knowledgeable, friendly, clean and amazing!”
Jeanne R.

“The education I received at The Skincare Institute helped me tremendously in achieving my goal of owning my very own salon,day spa, and medical spa. They provided me with a great foundation with the training I received which truly set me apart of others in my field. Those tools made job placement very easy and had me working at some of Chicago-lands finest salons and spas. With all that said I am now the proud owner of Daniela’s Hair Studio & Spa not to mention Skin Nuova Med Spa!”
Daniela Zarcone