Medical Assisting

Medical Assisting

What is a Medical Assistant?

Medical assistants are allied health professionals who work beside physicians and other healthcare workers in doctor’s offices, hospitals, outpatient facilities and other medical settings.

Often medical assistants perform both administrative and clinical duties including medical coding and billing, performing basic laboratory tests, drawing blood, preparing patients for examinations, and other duties as directed.

Physicians continue to rely heavily upon medical assistants as their practices grow, allowing the physicians to see more patients.
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Estelle Medical Academy

Estelle Medical Academy’s industry leading curriculum offers a specialized approach to Medical Assistant education. Our program includes the advanced techniques necessary to succeed in the medical industry of today and tomorrow!
Medical Assistant school in Chicago

  • Instructors with Industry Leading Experience
  • Continuously updated curriculum
  • Full and part-time class schedules
  • Weekend classes available
  • Affordable tuition
  • Life-long job placement assistance
  • State-of-the-art multimedia technology to enhance classroom learning

We offer Illinois’ most affordable Medical Assisting course without sacrificing quality of education!
Program Tuition: $5,200

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Federal Financial Aid is not currently available for our Medical Assisting Program

Our curriculum includes:

  • Basic human anatomy & physiology
  • Disease processes & medical terminology
  • Administrative office skills including medical charting
  • Interpersonal & customer services skills
  • Collection of patient vital signs
  • Assisting with examinations, sterilization of implements & equipment, administering medications, and performing EKGs
  • Basic knowledge of first-aid procedures
  • Pharmacology
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Our exclusive Corrective Esthetics style training – at no additional cost!
  • and more!
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Corrective Esthetics style education is included in our Medical Assisting Program at no additional cost!

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Considering a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)?

CNAs may work alongside medical assistants and physicians but there are some significant differences between the professions. Learn more about these differences here. Visit our Steps to Enroll page to learn how easy it can be to become a Medical Assistant.

We Go Beyond

EMA’s unique Medical Assisting program includes our exclusive curriculum, with a focus on the plastic surgery and dermatology fields, to maximize your career potential!

What is Corrective Esthetics?
Corrective Esthetics refers to the advanced skin care services that may be performed in a medical setting under the supervision of a physician. You may also see it called clinical esthetics, medical aesthetics training, or advanced aesthetics training. Our program includes Receiving this type of training as a Medical Assistant broadens your career options! Ever dreamt of working with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist? Now is your chance!

Why is this important to me?

  • We include our exclusive Corrective Esthetics style training in our Medical Assisting program which means you won’t pay extra beyond your normal tuition!
  • Receive Laser Technician Certificate in addition to your Medical Assistant Certificate
  • You’ll be more marketable to employers
  • Learn advanced procedures and techniques

Our Corrective Esthetics style education for Medical Assistants includes:

  • Theory of laser
  • Hands-on laser technician training
  • Laser Technician Certification
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) information & demonstration
  • Cosmetic procedure demonstrations
  • How to assist with Botox and other injection procedures
  • Equipment used in a medical setting
  • Medical conditions affecting skin
  • Lectures by medical professionals working in the cosmetic surgery industry
  • And more!

This portion of our program allows students to learn advanced techniques and makes them more marketable and valuable to employers!

Laser Technician Certification provided by TAMID Medical Group & Spa*

Receive a Certificate upon completion!

  • Estelle Medical Academy has partnered with TAMID Medical Group & Spa and Medical Director Dr. Tom Klein to provide our students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a medical setting.
  • Students will learn the theory of lasers and get hands-on training with lasers and other advanced equipment. This training helps to prepare students for employment in a dermatology office, plastic surgery center, or medical spa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Federal Financial Aid for the Medical Assisting program?
No, Federal Financial Aid is currently available only for our Massage Therapy Program (for those that qualify). We do, however, offer a variety of in-house payment plan options. Please contact us at (847) 673-7595 to speak with an Admissions Representatives about the financing options available to you.

Can I practice esthetics after completing the medical assisting program?
No, you will not be licensed as an esthetician. However, our medical assisting program does provide specialized training to prepare you for work in a plastic surgery office, dermatology clinic, med spa environment, and more! Our exclusive curriculum will make you more marketable and offer more employment opportunities!

Why is your tuition so low compared to other schools?
You’re right, among the other medical assisting schools in Illinois, our tuition is one of the lowest. We are dedicated to provided a quality, unique educational experience and don’t believe in overcharging for it. We want you to succeed!

How long will it take to complete the program?
Depending on your chosen schedule, you can finish our program in as little at 7 months and be on your way to a rewarding career!

Where can I work as a medical assistant?
Our exclusive Estelle medical assisting curriculum will allow graduates to work in a variety of medical and related environments. Graduates can work as medical assistants in a primary care clinic, hospital, dermatology office, plastic surgery center; medical administrative assistant in a medical clinic; pediatric facility; cancer care center, medical spa, and more.

Contact us at 847.673.7595 for more information and to schedule a no-obligation Campus Tour!

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Graduates will not be estheticians nor licensed to practice procedures considered by the State of Illinois to be esthetics. Individuals performing procedures outside their scope of practice are doing so as an unlicensed assistant to a physician and must not hold themselves out to be estheticians. No school can guarantee employment.
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