Massage Therapy Career Paths

Though it may not seem like it initially, licensed massage therapists have a myriad of options available to them when it comes to pursuing a long-lasting, and fulfilling career. One of the major benefits of choosing this profession is that there a plethora of paths you can take, and each lead to a satisfying and rewarding career. Massage therapy career options include many different subsets, with each one yielding its own set of rewards.

Traditional Settings

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Day spas, salons and room rentals

Traditionally, massage therapists can work at many different types of settings within the traditional options. Many choose to work at day spas and salons, or room rentals as it offers a certain level of consistency. Some of the benefits include having a schedule set out for you, rather than having to go and seek out clients since these settings tend to have established clientele.

Moreover, many of these traditional settings already have consistent clients, which is lucrative since it can lead to recurring appointments and clients for individual massage therapists. It is an easy way to build client relationships and rapport with many different types of people when employed in this setting.

Many massage therapists choose to work at a rotation of different salons and spas, in order to have a steady stream of appointments. Others may choose to work for a select number, or just one spa, salon or room rental option.

There are different ways to approach this type of employment, but it does offer many different options to create a schedule that works for you, with clients that you are comfortable working with.

Medical Environments

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Medical spas, chiropractic clinics and other related healthcare settings

Another route that many massage therapists can take in their career is to enter a healthcare setting. This include medical spas, chiropractic clinics, hospitals, cancer treatment centers and many other medical settings. This is becoming an increasingly popular choice, as more healthcare professionals embrace the positive aspects of massage and incorporate it into treatment.

In this setting, massage therapists work alongside other healthcare professionals to use massage as one facet of a personalized and holistic treatment. It can be a great way to use a passion for massage therapy to greatly increase someone’s quality of life, and provide a non-invasive method to complement their other treatments.

Licensed massage therapists are very much valued in this field, and it can be a great way to carve out a niche within the growing healthcare space. As massage becomes increasingly popular in different medical settings, there will an inevitable demand for qualified massage therapists.

Non-Traditional Options

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Mobile Spa Companies

There is a growing niche being carved out for mobile spa companies, and many massage therapists have found great and flexible careers within this space. Some mobile spa companies operate through smartphone apps, while others may use websites and other digital methods. Either way, a mobile spa company is a great option for someone who desires flexibility, with some structure mixed in. There is far more autonomy in this option, and it is not rooted in any sort of hard and fast location, which makes it easier for many.

Starting your own business

For many, this may be the scariest option presented. But truthfully, there is no greater sense of flexibility, autonomy and freedom than in starting your own massage therapy business. Whether it is a mobile spa, a healthcare-related massage practice or any combination thereof, starting your own business will be incredibly rewarding. However, starting a business requires a great deal of sacrifice and dedication in the early stages, which may be daunting for many.

It is important to consider factors such as capital on hand, the amount of time it will take to break even, as well as location and pricing. There is great room for success when it comes to massage therapy, but only if it is executed thoughtfully. Consider whether your business would lean more towards a spa, or some sort of medical setting, and what differentiating factors you possess from other businesses in the market as a first step.

Massage Product Sales, Marketing & Manufacturing

This may not seem like an obvious choice, but it yields great results. For many massage therapists, it may seem like finding the right setting to really use skills acquired is difficult. In this case, it might be better to enter a profession that centers around massage but does not require it.

There are many great massage products in the market, and sales and marketing personnel are usually needed – especially those with relevant experience directly in the field. If you have already been practicing for awhile, massage product sales may be a good transition to use the knowledge gained to promote and sell products you truly believe in.

Similarly, many companies like to hire experienced massage therapists in different functions for their massage products. Sales and marketing is one of the more popular ones, but there are also opportunities within administrative and operational roles. Using your massage therapy background in a more corporate setting can be a transformative experience, as it allows you to see the profession from another angle while allowing you to work for brands you truly stand behind.

Massage Therapy Education

Another great path to take is education, and teach the next generation of massage therapy professionals. As demand for the profession grows within different sectors, there is more of a need to have qualified, well-taught professionals who are able to diligently and effectively carry out their skills in the real world. Moving into education is a great opportunity to solidify your own skills further, while passing on lessons learned. There are many great, accredited schools that offer well-balanced courses that you can become a part of and work with newer people starting in the field.

These are only some of the career paths present for massage therapists, and even within each of these there are many different paths and delineations that you could take. Not many careers offer this sort of variety, but each one of these comes with its own set of rewards and challenges – making it the perfect opportunity for any stage of a career.

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