* = Disclaimer regarding “medical esthetics”: An esthetician may not represent themselves as a “medical esthetician” in the state of Illinois. If a licensed esthetician is employed by a physician and is performing services or procedures by delegation of the physician that are not within the scope of practice of a licensed esthetician, the esthetician may not hold himself or herself out as an esthetician while performing the delegated service or procedure. (In this circumstance, the individual is acting as an unlicensed assistant to the physician, not as an esthetician.) An individual may not indicate in any manner that any such service or procedure delegated by the physician is part of the practice of esthetics. The person receiving services must be a patient of the physician (there must be a physician-patient relationship), the physician must examine the patient and determine the appropriateness and the course of treatment, and the person receiving the physician delegation must carry out the course of treatment as instructed. “Advanced Esthetics” or “Med Spa Esthetics” services should not be construed as medical services. Advanced services such as deep peels, deep microdermabrasion, laser, etc. cannot be performed in a salon or spa and must only be performed in a medical office by an assistant to, or under the supervision of, a licensed physician. The Med Spa, Advanced, or Medical courses or programs listed are not esthetics but instead constitute medical training that might assist a student in obtaining employment as an unlicensed physician’s assistant in a medical office or clinic. No material contained within this website or taught in our program should be construed as medical advice. For more information, please visit www.idfpr.com.