Benefits of Attending Estelle Medical Academy

Choosing to progress your career as a massage therapist is fantastic! This career is a lucrative and exciting one that is easy to fall in love with and turn into a lifestyle. If you are considering becoming a massage therapist, Estelle Medical Academy is one of the best massage therapy schools in the Chicago area that you can attend. As you go about weighing your options with massage therapy schools, you’ll see that there are a few ways that each of them differs. Keep reading for a few of the benefits of attending Estelle Medical Academy.

Learn the Essential Skills

Massage therapy is one of the careers where your skills will greatly contribute to your success because they are used on a daily basis. Here at Estelle Medical Academy, we focus heavily on the different skills that you need to acquire and provide you with the hands-on training that helps you perfect them. By having the chance to really get some practice in, you can feel confident when you finish school and search for a job. 

Get Your License

While having your massage therapy license is a requirement, it’s also one of the factors that makes this such a well-respected profession. It’s far from easy going through an academy, learning new skills, and putting in the experience that is required to get a license. In order to obtain that license, however, you need to attend a school that is recognized as a reputable academy. 

Start Networking

Estelle Medical Academy is a well-known massage therapy school in the Chicago area. That being said, we have quite a few connections and partnerships in the industry that we introduce to our students. This is a great way to build some connections, start networking, and make progress to career goals that you have set for yourself. 

Flexible Schedule Options

Focusing on your education can be challenging, especially when you have to incorporate it into your daily schedule. Here at Estelle Medical Academy, we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to focus on yourself and build your career when you have the time. That is why we offer both full and part-time class schedules for you to take advantage of that. Aside from that, we offer daily classes as well as night time and weekend classes so that you can choose the class that best fits your schedule. 

Get Started at Estelle Medical Academy

Estelle Medical Academy loves helping passionate individuals grow into successful massage therapists. Each of our instructors has years of industry experience so that you can truly gain the knowledge that you need to make it in the massage therapy world. 

If the points that we’ve covered above have piqued some interest — reach out to us! We would love to schedule a campus tour of our facility or talk to you more about the enrollment process. At our massage therapy school, we love to have individuals that are dedicated to the benefits of massage and how they can help the lives of others. Let the team at Estelle Medical Academy be a part of your massage therapy journey. 

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